Big Plans Huh?

"basic bitch"

You got big plans

So You Got Plan B Pills On Deck Ms. Basic?

So you f*ck raw then pop a morning after pill?

Basic B Discussing Zimmerman

"basic bitch"

No words.. Just basic!

Cell Phone Wars

"basic bitch"

We agree and can’t believe people were complaining about this!

Oh Really??

"basic bitch"

This is just dumb and basic!

Follow People On Twitter That You Want To Sleep With???

"basic bitch"

This is just pathetic… no words.

YOLO = Basic Bitch

"you are a basic bitch" "basic bitch"


We agree!

Someone Has To Pay For It.. You Basic B*tch

It’s not free for the tax payers DUMMY.

Broke Basic B*tch

"basic bitch"

This is pathetic. A sugar daddy to buy you starbucks? #youarebasic

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

"basic bitch"

Basic bitch replace the battery so it won’t get on your “nevers”

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